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   Short Off road tours

          Ring of Sary-Jaz

          Adventure in Akshyirak




          Scenic tour to Bishkek 


          Celestial Mountains 

          The pearl Ala-Kul Lake

          Celestial Mountains 2 

          Main sights of Karakol 

          At altitudes of Terskey Ala-Too

          On-Tor's Loop

          To the Heart of Tian-Shan

          Radial trekking in Karakol valley 

          The glaciers of Terskey Ala-Too

   Tours around Kyrgyzstan

          Active Combo Tours 

                  Trekking in Terskey Ala-Too Range

                   Exploring of Terskey Ala-Too Range

                   Colors of Tian-Shan mountains

                   Celestial Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

                   Beauty of Issyk-Kul Lake

                   Horseback riding in Celestial Mountains

                   Horseback riding by Nomad's Trail

          Off-road tours 

                   High Passes of Kyrgyzstan

                   Adventure on Kyrgyz Land

                   Land of Nomads

                   Magic and mysterious Kyrgyzstan

          Boutique Tours 


                  Heritage and ruins of the Soviet era

                  Adventure to Akshyirak

         Cultural Tours    

                  Land of Nomads 

                  Eye of Asia 

                  The Beauty of Kyrgyzstan 

                  The Beauty of Kyrgyzstan 2 

                  Fabulous landscapes of Kyrgyzstan

                  Fabulous landscapes of Kyrgyzstan 2

                  Pearls of Central Asia

   Climbing tours

         Peak Palatka 4730m 

         Peak Prjevalsky 4273 and Peak Ala-Kul Kyry 4300m 

         Peak Karakol 5216m

         Peak Jigit 5170m 

        Snow Passes     

         Peak Prjevalsky 4273m 

  Horseback riding tours

         Winter tours 

         Summer tours­

   Freeride tours

         Ski tour «Adventure at snowy Terskey Ala-Too range» 

   Fixed Tours

  Helicopter tour

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          Ski base Karakol 

          Holy Trinity Church 

          Przewalski Museum 

          Museum of Local History  

          Dungan Mosque


         Animal Market

          Gorges and Valleys 

          Engilchek ghost town

          Ala-Kul lake

          Engilchek Glacier 

          Issyk-Kul lake



           Guest House­s 



            Guest House's in Altyn-Arashan


          Tourist class 

          SUV and Delika 4Х4

          Russian trucks 4*4

  Restaurants & Cafes 

   Coffee Shops 


  Souvenier shops­ 

   Administrative buildings 

   History of Karakol­ 

   Rent Equipment in Karakol 

   Ski rent


  Post Card 

   Lifehacks in Kyrgyzstan



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