Peak Jigit 5170m 

Category of difficulty: 4A 

Season: from 15 July to 15 September. 

Route is snow ice, at the bottom are rocks. 

Duration of climbing 6 days + 1 day in case of bad weather. 

The peak Jigit is one of the most beautiful in this area! The route is available for climbers with a high level of physical training and good mountaineering technics. Ascension to peak Djigit is very prestigious.  

Day 1 – Meeting in Karakol. Briefing of the tour program. Selection of equipment and food. 

Day 2 – Getting by car from Karakol to Eki chat across Karakol valley (2 hours). Rest of the day is teaching of technics and using equipment during the climbing to peak Jigit. 

Day 3 – Walking to the glacier On-Tor (4-5 hours) 

Day 4 - Approach to the glacier and ascent to shoulder of Peak Jigit 

Day 5 – Ascent to the summit and go down 

Day 6 – Descent to Karakol-Telety 

Day 7 – Descent to Karakol to first bridge. Meeting with car and moving to the Karakol. End of the service.

Rent Equipment 
Rent Equipment 


Climbers should have their own equipment and staff for climbing. 

 Required equipment: 

  • 1. Climbing harness 
  • 2. Anchoring, protection ( prusik- 2 items 0.5m) 
  • 3. Carabiner, biner (3 for each one) 
  • 4. Crampons 
  • 5. Ice-axe 
  • 6. Jumar, ascender 
  • 7. Helmet 
  • 8. Figure-8 (gear or knot), Munter hitch 

The climatic conditions: This trip passes at altitude of 2,000 to 5170 meters, in the area of glaciers. In case of good weather temperature rises up to + 30C during day time, and may fall to 5-10C at night. In case of bad weather temperature may fall to 5C during day time, and drop to minus during night time. Sometimes it snows, snows with rain and biting wind. The weather is unstable in august. The weather may change quickly several times a day. Protracted rains are possible. That’s why sleeping bag shouldn’t be less than “medium” class, with comfortable conditions up to -10C. Also must have: windbreaker, water-repellent, thermal underwear, fleece sweater, mountain shoes suitable for crampons, spare shoes sandals ( it is possible cross the river ford), sunglasses, cap, gloves, flashlight, headlight, supergaiters, rainwear. 

The price includes:

  • Transfer by 4-wheel  car 
  • English speaking guide and one assistant(food and equipment of guide and assistant) 
  • Group more than 5 persons is provided with 2 assistants of guide 

Not included: 

  • Entrance fee to Karakol National Park 
  • Meal, porters, equipment and etc. 
  • Insurance 
  •  Hotel and etc. which is not mentioned in the price of the program
Useful Information 
Useful Information 


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