Permits for border zone in Issyk-Kul and Naryn region by Visit Karakol travel company

Permits to border territory:   


We are pleased to offer our services in providing border permits in Karakol in order to pass border areas in Issyk-Kul and Naryn regions: 
Issyk-Kul region: 
  • Kara-Say and Akshyirak area   
  • Inylchek or Engilchek        
  • Karkara                                  
  • Echkilitash        


Naryn region: 
  • Korgon-Tash (Torugart, Arpa valley) 
  • Kyndy (At-Bashy, Ak-Sai valley, Kel-Suu lake) 


Preparation of border permits taking a time, you need to contact with us beforehand. In order to obtain border permits, please send a request by email ( with the following information: 
  1. Copy of a passport 
  2. Dates of your stay in the border area 
  3. Point of destination and the purpose of your visit to the border area 


The price and period of permit preparation will be stated in an email according to the request. Permits you will pick up in our office in Karakol or we will send ecopy via email.  


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Heritage and ruins of the Soviet era
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