Duration: 1 day

This tour is for people who want to experience beautiful, wild nature and untouchables landscapes with panoramic view to Tian-Shan mountains in 1 day.
We will drive around 10-11 hours with few stops for 1-2 hours along the way. If you have one more free day then we recommend for you to book 2 days trip to Sary-Jaz, so you will not worry about time and enjoy during trip.
At the moment Sary-Jaz area is part of Khan-Tengri National park. It is the largest national park in Kyrgyzstan for the protection of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, primarily to preserve the snow leopard population.
The territory of the natural park is still little affected by human activities, and the main landscapes have remained almost in their natural state. Currently, 457 species of vascular plants are known from the Sary-Jaz river basin, although their total number can reach 700 species, which is a significant part of the total flora of Kyrgyzstan. Five types of them are listed in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan, 8 are endemics which are not found anywhere else, and 11 are known in the Sary-Jaz region.


  • Drive through Chon-Ashuu pass 3822m
  • One day trip
  • Overnight at tent on 3000m above sea level with a view to Adyr-Tor mountains
  • See panoramic view to Khan-Tenrgri peak 7000m and other peaks with glaciers
  • Trip at pre-border zones with China and Kazakhstan
  • You will able to see yaks, wild ealges, marmots and other wild animals
  • Wild and outdoor area
  • Off-road trip 4x4
8 AM
We depart early morning on 4wheel drive SUVs toward Sary-Jaz valley through Chon-Ashuu Pass (3822m) with breathtaking views from the top of the pass.
12:30 PM
Lunch time on altittude almost 3000m with panoramic view to Tien-Shan mountains
14:00 PM
On the way we willl visit the Ak-Unkur cave which means "white hole" and is located 7km to the East from Echkili-Tash. The length of this cave is 70m and reaches heights of 10m. There are traces of ancient cave paintings discovered here. In Echkili-Tash you can see many snow capped peaks of the Sary-Jaz Range. If will be clear weather we will able to see the summit of one of our most famous peaks, Khan-Tengri (7000m). After we move to Karkyra valley.
17:00 PM
We will also visit Tamerlane’s stones. Legend has it that when the commander and army left on their campaign, Tamerlane ordered every soldier to take a stone with them, and here, at the pass, they each laid their stone, creating a large mound. Upon returning from their war, each soldier who survived took a stone from the mound and placed it upon a new pile. What remains to this day is two memorials, one to those who survived and the other to their fallen comrades.
19:00 PM
We will return to Karakol through Basharin pass.
Map of tour - Ring of Sary-Jaz 1 day

Practical Information:

Duration: 1 day (10-11hours of driving)
Distance: 300km
Highest point: high pass Chon-Ashuu -  3822m
Road: 50% of the road is soviet asphalt from 1980 and the rest of the road is gravel or off-road
Area: Sary-Jaz located in border zone with China and Kazakhstan and that is why you need a permit.
Connection: No signal connection
Important Notes





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