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Winter tourism in Kyrgyzstan as a new destination to travel

Summer tourism in Kyrgyzstan is definitely the most interesting and popular among tourists, but for some reason winter tourism does not have more demand, although there are many advantages.A few weeks ago we did a winter test tour with the support of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Kyrgyzstan. 
As part of the test tour, we visited new locations, tried different and new activities. We also made a lot of photos and soon we will post our new promo video. Winter also good time to make a great winter pictures by beginners or professionals.Overall, the tour turned out to be very interesting and special! Therefore, plan your winter holiday trip to the heart of Central Asia. 

Panoramic view of Issyk-Kul lake

Horse riding in Karakol valley

Winter yurt camp in Jety-Oguz valley

Canyon of Forgotten Rivers

Ak-Suu Kench hot springs near Karakol

Winter kayaking is amazing activity in Issyk-Kul lake. You are able to see many wild birds.

Winter ski touring in Jety-Oguz valley

Off-road trip to Mars Canyon

Orto-Tokoy frozen lake

And here we have written the advantages of winter tourism: 

1) Fewer people, 

 2) Low rates, 

 3) See a different side, 

 4) On your preference there are places where there is a lot of snow for winter skiing or arid places where you can make a horse ride, hike, etc

If you are interested, write to us:tours@visitkarakol.com