Назад к списку

Scenic winter trip with tourist from Poland in Issyk-Kul region by Travel Company Visit Karakol

We would like to share a photo report of winter trip with guest from Poland, Mr. Maciej Olbert. We enjoyed incredible places, landscapes, descended avalanches, visited mountain valleys which remind the Mars.

              Horseback riding to Hot springs in Altyn-Arashan. This place became one of the most attractive destinations for travelers who are arriving to Kyrgyz Republic.

               Three Musketeers: Maksat, Maciej and Mirlan our horse guide

             There are a lot of avalanches in spring time in all valleys and you need to be careful.

        Height of some of them is around 3 meters

               Horses became thirsty after 3 hours of walking

               The ledge of the mountain called Rhino, because it looks like horn of Rhino.  

               View to Peak Palatka 

               Vip Travel guesthouse is a welcome place with warm rooms, hot meal and hot springs - "Vip Travel"

 Walking down and enjoying sceneries.  

  New huge avalanche descended just before us. Amount of snow is unbelievable

Day 2
We are moving from Karakol to Konorchek canyons.  

Boom valley

Old rail ways which are delivering goods and passengers from Bishkek till Balykchy passes through picturesque Boom valley.


           Konorchek canyon is located in Boom valley, it is a nice place for walking on the ice in winter time. It gives a feeling that you are 
walking on the Mars.

Guide Timur and Maciej 

Rich and colorful landscapes of Konorchek canyons. 


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