Duration: 6 days

This tour is designed for people who want to spend time actively, with health benefits and take a large number of photos against the backdrop of beautiful mountains, canyons, rivers and Lake Issyk-Kul, meet wonderful people and feel their care and hospitality. This tour will leave in your memory fond memories for years to come, which you will always remember with warmth in your soul.
Important: This tour involves visiting the border area with China and Kazakhstan; to visit this area, you must organize a border pass. The pass will be issued by our company, but it takes 10 days for registration, in view of this, the program is closed or organized taking into account these 10 days.
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  • One-day climb to Mount Tashtar Ata 3900m
  • Kayaking in Karakol
  • Visit to the village of Enilchek in the border area with China.
  • Swimming in the hot spring Ak-Suu Kench and the wild spring Kara-Tash
  • Horseback riding in the Karakol gorge or Karakol ski base.
  • Panorama of Shatyly with a view of the Issyk-Kul lake
  • Dungan dinner in Karakol
  • Northern panorama overlooking the Issyk-Kul lake
  • Visiting the canyons
  • Visit Chon-Ashuu pass 3822
Day 1: Bishkek - Bokonbaevo, about 350 km
The group meets at the Bublik coffee shop (Toktogula 75/1) at 8:00 for a joint breakfast, acquaintance and discussion of the program. After having breakfast (everyone pays for their own breakfast), we leave for an adventure. We drive for about 2 hours and arrive at the Konorchek canyons, the canyon is located in the Boom Gorge, a picturesque canyon and is excellent for photographing and walking (about 40 minutes one way). After lunch at the Food Zone cafe and drive to the Orto-Tokoy reservoir, closer to sunset we visit the Ak-Sai canyons (the canyons also have a different name, we called the Forgotten Rivers Canyon with the famous photographer from Holland Albert Dros) we meet the sunset on the shores of Lake Issyk- Kul and move to a family guest house in Bokonbaevo, where a wonderful dinner will be provided for us.
Meals: Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: 2-3 people in the room

Day 2: Bokonbaevo - Tashtar Ata Peak - Bokonbaevo, 60 km
In the morning, transfer to the Boz-Salkyn gorge and a one-day climb to the Tashtar Ata mountain, which is 3900 m high, from which a beautiful 360-degree panorama of Lake Issyk-Kul, the Teskey Ala-Too ridge and the entire nearby territory opens. Ascent + 600 m, descent into the neighboring gorge - 1200 meters. Dinner and overnight at the guest house Bokonbaevo.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch (lunch boxes) and dinner
Accommodation: 2-3 people in the room

Day 3: Bokonbaevo - Kayaking - Karakol, about 200 km
Early transfer to Lake Issyk-Kul, where we meet with Sergey's team, instruct us on how to behave during kayaking on the water, put on life jackets and begin our exciting sailing along Mikhailovsky Bay. After moving to Karakol, accommodation at the Green Yard hotel and dinner with a Dungan family, where we will be provided with a delicious Hogo dinner and at the end you will find a story about the Dungan ethnic group.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch (lunch boxes) and dinner
Accommodation: 2 people in one room

Day 4: Karakol - Enilchek - Karakol, 300km
Today we will have an exciting trip to the wildest and most beautiful hot springs located in the heart of the Tien Shan mountains, not far from the border with China, near the village of Enilchek, which was built in Soviet times for mining. In Soviet times, about 5000 people were supposed to live there, but due to the collapse of the union, now the village resembles fragments from post-apocalyptic films, which adds zest to our trip. The highest point during the trip will be the Chon-Ashuu pass 3800 meters. The springs are oblong, about 50 meters long, 4-5 meters wide and up to 2 meters deep. Dinner and overnight at the Green Yard Hotel.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch (lunch boxes) and dinner
Accommodation: 2 people in one room

Day 5: Karakol - Ski base / Horse riding - Karakol, 70 km
We will devote this day to the most important attraction of the city, the Karakol ski base. We leave in the morning to the base and ride all day, skis are not included in the price, everyone can take their own on a tour or rent at the base upon arrival. Evening swimming in the hot springs Ak-Suu Kench. Dinner and overnight at the Green Yard Hotel.
Meals: Breakfast and dinner.
Everyone dines on their own at the base, there are many cafes and restaurants for every taste or take snacks with you.
Accommodation: 2 people in one room

Day 6: Karakol - Bishkek, 400km
A quick city tour of the main attractions of the city, the Dungan Mosque and the Holy Trinity Church. Moving from Karakol to Bishkek along the northern shore, on the way we will climb the mountain in the Bulan-Sogotuu region to once again admire the beauty of our beautiful mountain lake Issyk-Kul. We will have lunch at the Barashek restaurant in Cholpon-Ata and direct transfer to Bishkek. We deliver each participant to their homes within the city of Bishkek.
Meals: Breakfast and lunch
Accommodation: not included in the price





Adventure in Akshyirak 
Adventure in Akshyirak 
Scenic tour from Karakol to Bishkek
Scenic tour from Karakol to Bishkek