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Sary-Jaz Intro 

Duration: 4 days 

Period: May – October 

Day 1,  Karakol – Engilchek – Kaindy valley, 150 km 

One of the most interesting tour. We will drive to Soviet abounded industrial town Engilchek which is located at 2500m. It is based 150 km from Karakol at the confluence of the rivers Sary-Jaz and Engilchek. With the closure of the tin mine, the population fell from 5,000 to less than 20 families. At the 2009 census, its population was 345. You need permission to that area due to the reason that it is close to the China border. Tour in Engilchek town and one of abandoned mine, after taking unique wild hot spring. Overnight at tents or a shepherd's house.  



Day 2, Kaindy valley 

Radial hiking to unknown ancient petroglyphs located on the confluence of three rivers: Sary-Jaz, Kaindy and Uch-Kol.   Overnight at tents or shepherds house. 

Optional: Radial trekking (or horseback riding) to Kara-Bel valley (through which Kyrgyz people where running away to China from Red Army 100 years ago during Urkun.  


Day 3, Kaindy valley – Echkilitash – Ak-Chunkur cave – Karkyra, 150 km 

We will take wild hot springs on the way back to Engilchek (another name Inylchek) and further to Echkilitash. We will pass through another border checkpoint and arrive to Ak-Unkur cave. The cave consists of the two levels and starts in a large room. The length of the entire cave is 40 - 45 m, height some places up to 10m. After lunch moving to Karkyra through Turuk pass. This place well known for its green diversity. Overnight at tents.


Day 4, Karkyra – Karakol, 150km 

We will visit Tamerlane’s stones, after crossing next border checkpoint in Karkyra. Not far from Santash village, there are kurgans and remains of the Caravanserais, where the Tamerlane’s troop used to pass. The legend has it that they were composed by the army of Tamerlane. Arriving to Karakol. End of service.    



Equipment and items for trekking part:

  • Sleeping bag up to -5 or more depend from month
  • Good trekking boots with high proper ankle support and good thread
  • Waterproof rain jacket and trousers
  • Warm closes and extra closes to exchange
  • Hat and cap, sun glasess, high factor sun cream, swimming suit, sandals, towel
  • Daypack 20-30 litters and rain cover
  • Head-torch
  • Bottle for water
  • Quick drying towel
  • First aid kit, if you have some disease
  • Recommended to have

  • Walking sticks
  • Toiletries
  • Insect repellants (for lower elevations)
  • Some Diamox pills against potential altitude sickness (if you don’t have altitude adaptation)
  • Pocket knife
  • Important Notes


    Bottled water will be provided during the tour.


    Travel insurance is NOT included. We recommend that clients have their own travel insurance against illness, injury, loss/damage to personal belongings. In case of emergency our staff will make all the best to delivery you to hospital or other point and solve your problem, insurance will cover your charges, if you don't have insurance, you will be required to cover charges by yourself.


  • Breakfast: consist some of following dishes: Porridge, omelet, omelet with fried sausages, pancakes, scrambled eggs with sausage, boiled eggs and etc + bread, jam, butter, honey, sweets, tea/coffee.
  • Lunch boxes or lunch: Dried fruits, chocolate, yogurt, juice, cheese, sandwich, vegetables/fruits and tea/coffee.
  • Dinner: Our cooks is preparing european and asian cuisine
  • You need to let us know if you are vegetarian or have some preferences, so we will be able to make special menu for you.


    Service of local staff is included to the program; however, it is polite to tip to local staff if the service has been very good. Also at your discretion, you might also consider tipping your tour manager in appreciation of the efficiency and service you receive.

    Terms and Conditions

  • 1 person - 1070$
  • 2 person - 1240$
  • 3 person - 1411$
  • 4 person - 1581$
  • 5 person - 2316$
  • 6 person - 2487$
  • 7 person - 2657$

  • English speaking driver-guide and cook
  • Transportation
  • Full board
  • Permits to border zone
  • Equipment: Tents (2 person in 1 tent), mats and table equipment

    You need to book a tour beforehand in order to have time to prepare the permits.
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    Cultural Tours 
    Cultural Tours 
    Permits for border zone  
    Permits for border zone  
    We are pleased to offer our services in providing border permits in Karakol in order to pass border areas in Issyk-Kul and Naryn regions
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