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What you can eat for 5$ in Karakol in 1 day?


We decided to make an experiment and experience ourselves that is it possible for a tourist to eat in Karakol for 5$ per one day. And we were surprised and amazed by the results.We want to share our experience and advice with you. Also you can create your own menu and do not forget to share it with us! 

Our menu accoding to our video:


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/dqyNenLhpER2 

  1. Porridge (Kasha) - 70 som
  1. Tea - 5 som 
  1. Bred - free (but sometime it's cost 5 som per piece)


Location:  https://goo.gl/maps/mKhrqTNfeTE2 

  1. Ashlyanfu - 25 som 
  2. Salads - 50 som 
  3. Pirozhki - 15 som 


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/dqyNenLhpER2 (cafe), https://goo.gl/maps/atCJZo3ekfs (Market)

  1. Kefir (yogurt) - 30 som 
  2. Oromo (with potato) - 50 som 
  3. Kurnik (with chicken) - 45 som 
  4. Bun (2 pieces) - 14 som 
  5. Apple and banana - 31som
  6. Tea with lemon - 5 som 

Here you can find information about currency  https://en.kicb.net/welcome/ 
Our video:

Thank you! 

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