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What Do I Need For My First Kyrgyz Republic Camping Trip?

What Do I Need For My First Kyrgyz Republic Camping Trip? 
Last year The British Backpacking Society named the Kyrgyz Republic in their top five best travel and adventure destinations on the planet. Camping is the best way to take in the wild mountains, beautiful blue alpine lakes and of course the historic Silk Road. On your camping adventure, make sure that you are prepared for the diverse weather and varied terrain. You can then experience the unique and breathtaking scenery of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Pack for the weather 
The Kyrgyz Republic has extremely hot summers, but in contrast, very cold winters. In summer temperatures of 35°C are normal in the lower areas of the country like Bishkek, the capital. At this time of the year it will be around 15°C in the mountains. Even in summer, if you are camping in the mountains, make sure that you have adequate clothing and a high tog sleeping bag to keep you warm in the cold nights when the temperature drops to 0°C. In the winter, you can expect the temperatures to drop to -15, -30°C in the mountains - it’s not advisable to camp at this time of the year. Between May and October is the best time in terms of weather.
Catering when camping 
If you are camping in wild terrain, you should make sure that you take enough food for at least a few days. Don’t forget that when you are out in the wild, you won’t find stores. The best way is to take stocks of dried food, such as rice or noodles that can be reheated. A small camping stove is essential for boiling water for meals and hot drinks. It means that you can be self-sufficient when you are on your adventure and cook some nutritious meals outdoors. Make sure you pack a spare gas canister too.

Sturdy walking boots 
It is worth remembering that 90% of the Kyrgyz Republic is mountain range. Visit Karakol offer some great tours into The Celestial Mountains and The Heart of the Tian Shan Range. For this kind of trekking, you should make sure that you pack at least one pair of sturdy, well-made walking boots that can deal with the rocky terrain. Thick socks are an essential, and you should also make sure that you’ve got a few plasters in your first aid kit in case of blisters.

Where can I camp? 
Unlike many countries, there are no restrictions on camping in the Kyrgyz Republic. This is a country of nomads, and camping is welcome. Just make sure that you leave your campsite just as you found it, take your rubbish with you when you leave. A great alternative to bringing your own tent is to stay at the Happy Nomads Yurt Village - prices start at $10 per night. Located only 2km from Karakol, the Yurts have heating. Wifi, electricity and warm comfortable beds. There are shared toilets and showers, and you can start your day with a delicious breakfast before you head out. It is a great base if you are skiing and there is a wonderful view of the mountains.  Staying out in the wild, you can experience the breath-taking beauty of the Tian Shan mountains up close. It will be a camping adventure that you will never forget.

Author of article:
Jacqueline Ross