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The height of snow on passes in Kyrgyzstan - 1st of November


The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic shared information about the height of snow cover on the interregional roads in Kyrgyzstan. 
 We share information for 1st of November 2018 (09:00am) : 
 - on the north side of the Too-Ashuu pass (Bishkek-Osh highway) the height of snow is 5-15 centimeters, on the south side - 5-35 centimeters; 
 - on the Otmok Pass (Otmok - Talas) - 5-15 centimeters; 
 - on the Ala-Bel pass and in the Chychkan gorge (Bishkek - Osh) - 2-10 centimeters; 
 - on the Dolon Pass (Bishkek - Torugart) - 2-5 centimeters; 
 - on the Chon-Ashuu pass (Karakol-Enilchek) - 2-15 centimeters; 
 - on the pass Suyok (Barskoon - Ak-Shyirak) - 5-15 centimeters; 
If you travel by car around Kyrgyzstan then we recommend to change summer tires for winter. On the roads in the mountainous and foothill areas are expected ice.

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