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Kyrgyzstan will resume international flights from June 15

The decision to start preparing the airports of Kyrgyzstan for international flights from June 15 was taken by the Operational Headquarters and the Government of Kyrgyzstan.
Today, questions are being worked out on the flight schedule and frequency of flights. It is planned to carry out 16-17 flights a week, that is, two to three per day. Domestic flights in Kyrgyzstan will resume on June 5.
It became known that from 22 of June Turkey intends to resume air communication with the Kyrgyz Republic. According to the plans of the Turkish side, air traffic with a number of neighboring countries will resume on 22 of June. In total, the list includes 70 countries with which air travel will resume until September 1 as part of the initial stage. 
Last of all, Turkey will restore air traffic with the United States-from September 1.