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Another and fast road to Karakol from Almaty through "Kegen" check point

From the 1st of May "Kegen" check point in Karkara valley on Kyrgyz-Kazakh border will start passing cars and tourists. It will be open until 31st of October 2018.It means that you can get to Karakol from Almaty faster than through Bishkek, but you need find and book transport in advance because there is no public transport. And our company can arrange transport from and to Almaty with possibility to visit sights in Kazakhstan for example Charyn Canyon.
Working hours of check point: from 8.00 to 18.00 without holidays
Here is info about transports: https://visitkarakol.com/transport 
Here is a article - "How to get to Karakol" https://visitkarakol.com/how_to_get_to_karakol 

If you have questions or you need transport you can always contact us:
info@visitkarakol.com or WhatsApp: +996 551 451515