Karakol gorge is located in the Terskey Ala-Too ridge which is 400 km far from Bishkek and is  close to Karakol city. The Terskey Ala-Too range is characterized by a variety of forms and relief types. 

The slopes of the mountains descend to Issyk-Kul Lake and end with gentle reliefs. There is an alpbase in the upper reaches of the Karakol gorge. A lot of mountains are concentrated in this zone, they direct their peaks over the snow line: Djigit (5130 m), Karakol (5281 m), Przhevalsky (4283 m), Zhukov (4450 m), Telman (4460 m), Dimitrova (4450 m), Fucik (4210 m), Gasstello (4350 m). The most popular peaks are the Karakol Peak (5280 m) and the Djigit Peak (5176 m). At the peak of Djigit there are the most difficult and interesting routes of the area, a large amount of snow and ice, as well as a big difference in altitude at the peak of Karakol, which makes it similar to the seven thousand.

 Before the left tributary of the Karakol river, on the left bank of the Karakol gorge there are low passes through which you can have an exciting trip to the upper reaches of the picturesque gorge of Irdyk, visit the foothills of the Issyk-Kul peninsula and the East (3500 m), seven moraine-glacial lakes in the sources River. The right side of the gorge is formed by the peaks of Przhevalsky (4283 m), 40 years of Kirghizia (4,300 m), and others. 

 Through the Ala-Kol pass you can get to the middle part of the wooded gorge of Arashan, visit the two-headed peak of the Issyk-Kul scallops, from where you can admire surrounding mountains and majestic panoramic view on Issyk-Kul lake. The objects of inspection can be: a complex of cascades of waterfalls, moraine-glacial lake Ala-Kol, located at an altitude of 3532 m and Karakolskoe near the tongue of the glacier in the gorge of On-Tor. In the upper reaches of the Karakol River there is a small area where you will find peaks of almost 5000 m high.