Dates: 25 July - 1 August 2024 
Please note : This is a Self Photography Tour without professional photo guide.
Dates: 25 July - 2 August 2024
Hidden Gem for Photographers - The land of Kyrgyzstan | Doc Film

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  • Visit remote area - Sary-Jaz valley
  • Peak Yeltsin with panoramic view
  • Hiking and visit canyons which found by Albert Dros (Canyon Mars, Forgotten Rivers)
  • Exploreing Djety-Oguz valley
  • Visit Tree of Wisdom which found by Albert Dros
  • Drive through Chon-Ashuu pass 3822m (highest point)
  • Stay at yurt camp in Son-Kol lake 3000m
  • Drive around Issyk-Kul lake
25 July: Bishkek (arrival day)
You may arrive in Bishkek any time of day. Our welcome dinner starts at 7 PM. You’ll meet our guide who will be guiding you for the rest of the tour. We’ll discuss itinerary and have a nice local meal. If you need any help with transfers from the airport, feel free to let us know. Accommodation: Hotel
26 July: Canyon Day!
Today we will mainly be travelling to the east side of the country; The Karakol region. After breakfast we’ll be on our way. Today we’ll explore a bunch of Canyons on the way. Some of these we explored (and named) ourselves. We’ll shoot sunset at one of the canyons and have a late dinner at Karakol where we’ll be staying for the night. Accommodation: Hotel
27 July: Karakol’s surroundings
We’ll give you a good rest and a good breakfast to get you started on a day of local exploring around the city of Karakol. In the afternoon we head to valleys and mountains nearby in our 4x4 cars. These cars will take you anywhere during out tour and you’ll immediately experience the ‘Kyrgyz way’ of exploring. Driving on roads you can hardly call roads and crossing rivers but most importantly: beautiful scenery. You’ll see the typical Kyrgyz wild scenery with horses, shepherds, rivers and mountains. We’ll bring you to some ‘secret’ spots that only we know, have a picnic and so a sunset shooting session of Bonzai Tree. Accommodation: Hotel
28 July: Peak Eltcin
After everyone is rested from the previous day we’ll have a daily excursion to the Jety Oguz valley along with peak Eltcin. This day will be packed with epic mountains and canyons. First we visit the famous ‘red rocks’ and after that we’ll be heading into the spectacular valley where we can see peak Eltcin. Another 5000m+ mountain and a valley that are absolutely stunning. After another bumpy 4x4 we eventually have to walk. It’s an easy hike which is through a valley that is flat but surrounded by epic mountains. You’ll have a view of Peak Eltcin all the way. We’ll have a picnic in the valley, say hi to the local shepherds and you’ll also have the chance to photograph them on their horses with the mountains as a backdrop. We’ll stay here until the end of the afternoon, shoot sunset and make our way back to our hotel to have a late dinner and get some rest. Accommodation: Hotel
29 July: Sary-Jaz
If you think the previous days were wild, the real adventures start now. We’ll be visiting the Sary-Jaz area which is an area close to the border of China. This area is unique. You’ll see absolutely no one here except maybe a shepherd that is completely on its own far from civilisation. This area requires a special permit (we’ll take care of it for you) to access. The atmosphere here is something you have never experienced before. We’ll be crossing the Chon-Ashu pass (over 3800m) and Echkilitash gorge. We’ll be driving a lot today and our end destination are the Adyr-Tor mountains. This area also has a lot of wild eagles and if we’re lucky we may photograph some in their natural environment. We’ll spend the night here in camps so we can experience the true serenity of this place. We’ll see the sun go down and rise behind these giant peaks. Followed by the clearest night skies. An experience you won’t forget. Accommodation: Tents
30 July: Sary-Jaz
You may rise from your tent to shoot the sunrise and see the first light hit the mountains. It’s very possible that it was freezing this night! As this area is well above 3000m it can get very cold tonight. When the sun rises and hits the frozen grass, it will soon start to warm up. Mornings hare can be magical. We’ll take it easy in the morning and depart as soon as we’re ready. We’ll take a different route back to Karakol so we can explore some different valleys. We’ll be back late afternoon, have dinner at our hotel and rest for our new adventure the next day. Accommodation: Hotel
31 July: Karakol - Son-Kol lake
Today we’ll drive to Son-Kul lake, the last but definitely not the least adventure of our tour. This area will amaze you. Son Kul is a huge lake located at around 3000m with mountains surrounding it. It’s a location that will take your breath away as its completely flat and has its own climate. Weather conditions can change rapidly here and there’s a big chance it will freeze during the night. To make the experience complete you’ll stay in yurts (which is the only option, there are no hotels in this place). The yurts themselves are great photogenic objects. You'll experience the local lifestyle here and see the family’s life in the summer months. If the winds calm down you can see the mountains reflecting in the lake. We’ll stay here for sunset, night and the sunrise the next day. You’ll enjoy the super clean fresh air and this area will really make you feel at peace. Accommodation: Yurt
1 Aug: Son-Kol lake - Bishkek
We shoot sunrise near and drive to Bishkek. We will be in capital between 3-5pm so you can plan your flight at night or next day


  • All accommodations
  • All transfers
  • All meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Snacks
  • Guidance by a Visit Karakol team
  • Permits needed to access some areas
  • Potential Visa fee (most countries don’t need visa for Kyrgyzstan, for details check:
  • Flights to and from Kyrgyzstan
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Professional photo guide (photographers will take a shots by themselves)