Kashka-Suu tour  

Season: May- September 

Duration: 1 day

Distance: 45 km/one way 

 The trip passes through the Karakol Ski base, by road less route. Kashka-Suu gorge is remarkably beautiful place with a lot of mountain flowers in summer time.On the way we will see mountain stock keepers with their beast. In soviet times there used to extract the marble and granite stones, hence you may see big pieces of granite. The road is gradually coming to the foot of the peaks Przewalski 4273m, Kurgaktor 3820m, Lifeguards 3770m and Skiers 3650m and a huge number of moraines, even in the summer you can see the glacier Kashka-Suu


During the USSR еthe marble and granite was exctracted here, so you may see big pieces of them. The road leads to the foot of Przhevalsky peak and even in summer time you can see the glaciers.

On the way back we will have a panoramic view to Karakol town and Issyk-Kul lake. This tour will be especially of interest for those who are fond of flowers, nature with beautiful landscapes and fresh mountain air. Also this tour might be interesting and appropriate for cyclists.  


The price includes: 

  • ­­ Guide-Driver 
  •  Transfer 
  •  Tea/coffee during the tour 

 Note: Entrance fee at the Karakol valley checkpoint is not included in the price.

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