Horse riding in Celestrial Mountains

Duration: 7 days 

Season: from May to end of September

Description: This program for the lovers to travel on horses and spend the time in nature savage. All the days accompany by Horse Rider teams. A lot of secrets of Tian Shan will you wait and during this horse trip you can explore it. Every day we meet unforgettable adventure on our horse. Celestial mountains with her animals and nomads will accompany us every day.  On your way you will spend overnights in tents or in the yourts.

Places to visit: The mountain lake Issykkul, Chokulu, Jashul Kol, mountains Tian Shan, Terskey Ala-Too, Ara-Bel valley at 3100m altitude, Juuku valley, Chon Kyzyl-Suu valley, Jety-Oguz valley, Saruu village, Barskoon village, route of Kumtor gold mine.

Itinerary program:

1 Day: Karakol-Barskoon pass -Chokolu Lakes.Today we will drive 2 hours to Barskoon gorge where we will start our horse riding part of the tour. The length of this gorge is more than 30 km. Arrival to the Barskoon valley, on the way you will see a very beautiful waterfall. Picnic. Our horse riding starts from the mountain pass Barskoon, 3 736 meters high and we have fantastic panorama view from this pass. Today horse riding on the high mountains of Syrt Arabel,a lot of small mountain lakes.  Horse riding time-4h. Overnight in the tents.

2 Day: Chokolu Lakes-Jashil-Kol Lake-Dzhukuu gorge.Start early morning. We go to over the Dzhukuu pass (3512 m). On the top of the pass we will stop for a while to enjoy the amazing views and for the picnic. We will cross JashilKol Lake. We will meet real nomads! Nomads still live in their felt houses yurts. Installation of the camp. Horse riding time-6-7h. Overnight in the tents.

3 Day: Dzhukuu gorge-Ashu Kashka-Suu gorge.Horse riding from Dzhukuu valley to Ashu Kashka-Suu gorge. Our horse riding takes  a lot of photographs on beautiful place on the way. Installation of campHorse riding time-5-6h. Overnight in the tents.

4 Day: Ashu Kashka-Suu-Jukuchak gorge.Depart early morning from Ashu Kashka-Suu valley. Today a lot of unforgettable views on the way. All nomads are very hospitable. We can entre inside their yurts to drink tea or kymyz. At the end of the day we come to the place where we can swim in natural hot springs. There are several small rooms with healthy water. People come to this place to improve their health. Installation of camp.Horse riding time-5-6h. Overnight in the tents.

5 Day: Dzhukuchak gorge - Kichi Kyzyl-Suu.After nice breakfast. We start our horse riding by OrtoBulak pass. Mountain pass is 2 543 meters above the sea level.  We go to the KichiKyzylSuu gorge. Arrival to the valley of forest, installation of camp. Making fire. Horse riding time-5-6h. Overnight in the tents.

6 Day: Kichi Kyzyl-Suu-Chon Kyzyl-Suu, Jili-Suu.Start horse riding to Chon Kyzyl-Suu gorge. The gorge is very popular with her nomads and a fast mountain river. You will see some families with their cattle and yurts. In the evening we come to natural hot springs JiliSuu with a small pool of hot water. Installation of camp there. We take a bath get better health and to relax after horse riding days.Horse riding time-5-6h. Overnight in the tents.

7 Day: Chon Kyzyl-Suu gorge - Jeti-Oguz.Start to continue our amazing celestial horse riding to famous Jeti-Oguz gorge. We cross the At Jayloo 2751 m pass to join Jety-Oguz gorge. It is one of the most beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan. From this mountain pass we can see unforgettable views and much possibility to make a lot of photos there. And we can see panorama views of IssykKul Lake! On the pasture of Kok-Jayuk we meet our driver. Our Horse Rider Team go to home. End of our service.

Recommended list of personal items: warm clothes, a coat, tracking-boots, sleeping bag, mat, rucksack, flash light, your own First Aid Kit and sunglasses.

 Price per person:

  • 2-3pax – 600 USD/per person 
  • 4-5pax – 456 USD/per person 
  • 6-7pax – 410 USD/per person 
  • 8-9pax – 385 USD/per person
  • 10pax – 360 USD/per person

 Price includes: 

  • Horse guides 
  • Rent of horses 
  • Full board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 
  •  Equipment of the camp 
  • Transport



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